From the raw cotton balls, through a process of opening, cleaning and threshing, it starts the working of the cotton inside the plant. The process is followed by passages inside the cards, in the stretcher machine, in order to obtain a tape of a certain kind and without neps. During this process, the cotton is controlled from the Jossy system for the identification and the wasting of impurities and external fibre.


To obtain combed spuns, a dedicated production line is set up which provides for the passage into the strechers and the gatherer, the subsequent creation of the canvases and their automatic feeding into the combers. The tapes obtained from this process are worked again in the dedicated combers, then thei are introduced in the next phase.

Spindle desk

The prepared tapes, carded and combed, are disposed for the final phase of the spinning process by the spindle desks, which transform the tape in a wick with an established torsion and a thinness. Three automated lines feeds the spindle desks.

Ring spinning

The wick coming from the spindle desk is stretched and twisted by the spinning wheel, in order to obtain a spun of the desired kind. The use of inverter spinning wheels allows to produce yarns with many different types of blazes and molticount/multitwist wich are different for variations of kind and torsion. Furthermore every spinning wheel is equipped with a corespun system which allows to insert a elastomer, T400, XLA core into the yarn.

Bobbin process

Every spinning wheel is linked to a bobbin machine that allows to obtain the packaging of the spun in bobbins with softness and diameter varying on the different kind of the bobbined spun. In this phase all the spun is controlled on order to eliminate impurities or external fibre.


In order to obtain a better regularity and stability, the produced spun, before being packaged and stocked, goes under a vaporization process. This operation allows, in addiction, to make it easier to work on it for further production process. In case of elasticated spuns, the vaporization has a key role and it is very important to provide the spun with the necessary stability.


When all the above mentioned phases are over, the spun is located on an automatic line of packaging, which seal the pallet and apply the label with the produt characteristics. The pallet are stocked in the warehouse, ready to be delivered.