Cotton Yarns: Ring, Corespun with Elastomers

  1. Use
  2. These Yarns are used exclusively for the clothing industry.

  3. Characteristics
  4. The Elastomers used are of various types: the most commons are the dtex22, dtex44 dtex78 and dtex156. The most commons elastomers on the market are used: Lycra and Royca.

  5. Quality Control during the manufacturing process
  6. The materials are controlled in terms of quality, in order to prevent impurities int the final product. The control method uses the Jossy system in the blending phase and optical instruments at the end of the process.

  7. Quality Control of the final product
  8. In order to apply the qualitative standards fixed by the VISION 2000 quality standards, our laboratory analyses randomly the products in order to grant the production quality.

  9. Products
  10. The plant is structured to produce cotton yard 100% from NE 7/1 to 20/1 for cards and from 7/1 to 40/1 for combed yarns. Inside this range it is possible to produce every different kinds both in card and combed type. It is therefore possible to satisfy particular request for non-standard kinds.

  11. Packaging
  12. In case the spun yarn is to be destined to the dyeing, it can be supplied on a dedicated tube.

  13. Vaporization
  14. At the end of the production process, every yarn are processed into vaporization, in order to make it easier to work it for further processes.

  15. Dyeing
  16. These yarns can be supplied with varius types of dyeing, depending on the need of the customer. Regarding this product, the dyeing type can be: direct-fixed, reactive and indanthrene.