The art of weaving renewed


Destro and Eurotextile: Synergy of Quality

DESTRO was founded in 2010 with the specific idea of giving birth to a
collection of high-value fabrics: product value, content value, human value. Partnering with Eurotessile in 2018, thanks to the combination of DESTRO's creativity and Eurotessile's production capacity, the Brand grows and is now recognized in the market for its authenticity and quality of service. DESTRO has chosen over time not to give in to compromise and to remain true to its principles: to produce proudly in Italy, sustainably, with high quality and service.

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thousand square meters of polo

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Millions of kilograms of yarn produced per year

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Millions of meters of fabric produced per year

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million Kwh of clean energy per year

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of energy savings in one year

The Art of Renewed Weaving

Destro: Contemporary Style and Textile Tradition

DESTRO's product has always been inspired by the authenticity and craftsmanship of fabrics of the past reconstructed and remodeled on current fits. A contemporary wear that, however, always remains true to the quality and attention to detail of yesteryear. A transversal collection intended and applicable from pants to jackets, from outwear to shirts. A thousand applications but only one and authentic personality. The one that has consistently distinguished us over time. A path between ultra compact "hands" and silky fluidity always respectful of our spirit.

Cotton/Mixed Cotton Fabrics

Recycled Fabrics

Fabric of Ecological / Eco-friendly

Yarn Dyed Fabrics

Linen / Linen Blend Fabrics

Flocked Fabrics

Bleached Fabrics



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