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High-standard services

The Art of Creating Yarns and Fabrics

Our company is passionately committed to the field of spinning and weaving, blending expertise and technological innovation to ensure high quality products and collections.


A modern spinning plant equipped with the latest technology enables the production of high quality standard yarns. Starting from selected traditional and organic cottons, we obtain yarns characterized by optimal elasticity, strength and regularity.


From a careful selection of natural and synthetic yarns we make fabrics and collections of high quality standard. We offer high versatility of production, thanks to forty years of experience, continuous research and the latest generation of looms.

Textile Excellence

Our Exclusive Selection

Immerse yourself in the superior variety and quality of our exclusive selection, where each fabric is the result of meticulous care and responsible choice of raw materials. 

Cotton/Mixed Cotton Fabrics

Recycled Fabrics

Fabric of Ecological / Eco-friendly

Yarn Dyed Fabrics

Linen / Linen Blend Fabrics

Flocked Fabrics

Elasticized Fabrics

Bleached Fabrics



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