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A community and environmentally friendly product

Eurotessile's quest to innovate and evolve its collections is aimed at the use of high-quality, ethically sourced raw materials that follow criteria that respect people and the environment.

Eurotessile uses organic cotton for some of its processing, sourced primarily from Europe, made from cotton seeds that are not genetically modified and not treated with pesticides or chemicals.

Eurotextile joins the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) a program that aims to promote measurable and continuous improvements in the key environmental and social impacts of cotton cultivation worldwide. BCI and its members aim to transform the cotton sector by developing Better Cotton as a global, mainstream sustainable product, bringing long-term benefits to the environment, farmers and others who depend on cotton for their livelihoods.

Eurotessile is a member of EUCOTTON, the initiative of the European Cotton Alliance (ECA) that aims to develop a reliable traceability system along the entire cotton production chain by involving farmers, ginners, spinners, weavers and producers of finished garments from E.U. countries.

Sustainable production

Energy saving

With interventions aimed at improving energy consumption efficiency, Eurotessile achieved energy savings of 40%.

Every year Eurotessile produces c.a. 1,500,000 kwh of energy with its photovoltaic plants, which entirely cover its production facilities. Thanks to them, it manages to reduce atmospheric emissions of 810,000 kwh of CO2.
The installation of energy efficiency systems makes it possible to optimize incoming energy voltages, enabling savings in power consumption.

The adoption of LED lighting in all production departments saves energy and makes the production process more sustainable.

In-house availability of charging stations promotes electric mobility.

Water is one of our planet's most precious assets. The recent revamping of the air conditioning units in the spinning and weaving departments makes it possible to modulate water consumption according to the temperature and ambient temperature, minimizing water consumption.

Short supply chain and traceability

We support a short and local supply chain, enhancing the value of Made in Italy. The decision to maintain a short and local supply chain allows Eurotessile to guarantee the traceability of its products and to promote and respect high standards of quality and sustainability.

Empowerment of workers

We live in the company much of our lives and we want it to be a welcoming and stimulating environment that helps our employees reach their potential. Inclusiveness, respect and attention to the individual are at the heart of Eurotessile's culture and mission.

Toward the circular economy

The production of high-quality, long-lasting fabrics together with the recovery of what can be reused from the production process represent Eurotessile's commitment to adopting a business model in line with the principles of the circular economy.

Eurotessile allocates part of its production waste to companies specializing in fiber recovery, reducing waste production while respecting the environment. With regenerated fiber, thanks to a specific production process developed in-house, it obtains yarns composed of more than 50% from regenerated fiber; the recycled yarns are GRS certified.

It uses recycled yarns for the production of some of its yarns and fabrics without compromising the quality of the finished product.


Each certification reflects a history of dedication and tangible actions, assuring our customers that every yarn and fabric made by Eurotessile is not only of high quality but also ethically and sustainably produced.Each certification reflects a history of dedication and tangible actions, assuring our customers that every yarn and fabric made by Eurotessile is not only of high quality but also ethically and sustainably produced.



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