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The Art of Creating Fabrics

Our company is passionately committed to spinning, blending expertise and technological innovation to ensure high quality yarns.

The Processes of Spinning


Skilled technicians take care of making high-quality cotton yarn from bales of firm cotton that is cleaned and beaten. The passage in cards and drawframes makes it possible to obtain a self-regulated sliver that is as free as possible of neps and any impurities.


A dedicated production line takes care of combing the cotton sliver by passing it through combers that remove the shorter fibers. The ribbons thus obtained are processed in the special drafting machines and then taken to the spinning benches, transformed into rovings with established fineness and twist, prepared for the final stage of spinning.

Ring spinning

The roving is drawn and twisted by the spinning machine until yarn is obtained in the desired count, plain, slubbed or multicount/multitwist. Each spinning machine is equipped with a corespun system that allows an elastomer core to be inserted inside.


Skilled technicians take care of the final packaging of the yarn into metered and drafted packages, ensuring total control of the yarn produced.

Steaming and packaging

In order to impart greater stability and facilitate subsequent processing, the yarn is steamed. An automatic packaging line packages and labels the product, making it ready for shipment.


A World of Yarns for Every Creation

Explore our wide range of high-quality yarns, designed to meet every need in weaving and fashion. At Eurotessile, we are committed to offering only the best, with a selection that ranges from classic to the most innovative yarns. Each yarn is the result of a careful production process, where tradition meets research and advanced technology to ensure exceptional products.

The processes of spinning

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