Certified Impeccability

Beyond Quality:
Eurotessile Excellence

Every thread woven represents our commitment to excellence. At Eurotessile, high quality is a standard, not an option. From the sustainable origin of the yarns to the finishing of the fabrics, we guarantee products that bear the seal of our Made in Italy.

Elite material

Fine yarns and fabrics for the highest standard of excellence.

100% Made in Italy

Finished products that embody the quality of the Italian supply chain.

Sustainability and responsibility

Respect for people and the environment.

About Us

Textile Art for Generations

For more than four decades, Eurotessile has married the excellence of Italian design with the ethos of sustainability, carrying on a tradition that goes beyond simple textile production. In our work
daily, we put as much passion into the careful selection of natural and environmentally friendly fibers as we do into the attention to detail that defines each of our fabrics. Our vision guides us to continuously seek innovative processes and responsible solutions aimed at reducing environmental impact and enhancing the work of our employees.

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thousand square meters of polo

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Millions of kilograms of yarn produced per year

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Millions of meters of fabric produced per year

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million Kwh of clean energy per year

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of energy savings in one year

A high standard of service

The Art of Creating Yarns and Fabrics

Our company is passionately committed to the field of spinning and weaving, blending expertise and technological innovation to ensure high quality products and collections.


A modern spinning plant equipped with the latest technology enables the production of high quality standard yarns. Starting from selected traditional and organic cottons, we obtain yarns characterized by optimal elasticity, strength and regularity.


From a careful selection of natural and synthetic yarns we produce fabrics and collections of high quality standard. We offer high versatility of production, thanks to forty years of experience, continuous research and state-of-the-art looms.

Eurotextile's brands

Products inspired by the 'authenticity and craftsmanship of fabrics of the past reconstructed and reshaped to current fits.

The OFFLINE collection, whose combination of creativity and quality make it unique, was born in 2022.

Sustainable Product

We use ethically and sustainably sourced materials, limiting the use of resources and the production of waste.

Short Supply Chain

We support a short and local supply chain, reducing emissions and enhancing Made in Italy.

Empowerment of Workers

We promote an inclusive and respectful work environment, supporting the development and well-being of our employees.

Accountability and Innovation

Quality and Sustainability: The Our Daily Commitment to a Sustainable Future.

At Eurotextile, every thread woven is a commitment to the future.
Our mission is to enhance the Italian manufacturing tradition with sustainable methods, weaving together excellence and environmental and social responsibility. Eurotessile's production is carefully planned to reduce its impact on the planet, implementing practices that support the circular economy, waste reduction and the use of clean energy. We are committed every day to finding environmentally friendly raw materials and adopting processes that minimize the use of harmful chemicals. Eurotessile's commitment is evidenced in the numerous certifications obtained by the company, a sign of an ongoing path toward a cleaner textile industry that is attentive to the needs of the community and the environment.



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